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Coronavirus testing UK Instant, Accurate and Efficient

Losing revenue over Coronavirus (COVID19) related sickness or leave? We can help!

We have developed a testing service for Coronavirus (COVID19) .


What is Coronavirus (COVID19) testing and What will this mean for your business?

The recent pandemic in COVID 19 has resulting in significant closure of businesses causing the whole country to come to a standstill leading people going into self isolation.

  • A few worrying facts about the Coronavirus (COVID19):
  • Extremely infectious, the way it is passed is not fully known
  • It is a disease that affects the lungs and airways
  • There is no vaccine for Coronavirus (COVID19) so one can only develop immunity once they have contracted the virus and developed an immunity.
  • One can contract Coronavirus (COVID19) and show no symptoms or it may take upto 14 days before symptoms show and in that time, they are infectious and can pass this onto other people.
  • As the symptoms are generic to most common colds without true testing it is difficult to determine the true cause of illness


Our coronavirus test can help determine

  1. If someone is virus free
  2. If someone has the virus
  3. If some has had the virus but has developed immunity and so is clear to continue working and dealing with the public

Our test kits, made in the EU, MHRA approved also approved for use by the Department of health. The test kit used are extremely accurate (92.9%), and only take 15 minutes to complete and we can send our health care providers to your office or to a nearby clinic to conduct multiple tests. Moreover all test patient will be issued with a certificate to prove their COVID 19 status.


What will this mean for your business?

Testing for Coronavirus (COVID19) will enable those patients who have developed an immunity to return to work. It will also create a safer working environment as it will allow for infected individuals to go into isolation, Helping your business continue and thrive in such troubled times.